As with standard police practice a breath test on the evidentary testing instrument a waiting period of 10 minutes is required. The Breathometer requires the same. Mouth alcohol represents a high reading therefore, the correct operating procedure is to WAIT 10 minutes after the last drink or, at least, rinse your mouth with water to clear if of mouth alcohol content.

The Breathometer is manufactured in full accordance with Australian Standard AS 3547-1997 and is certified under Licence No. 1688.

As manufacturer the company's Quality Assurance Programme encompasses its calibration and servicing routines therefore, at any given point of time, the company can provide audited records advising the last period of calibration testifying to the instrument's accuracy. Should the instrument be not calibrated over a 30 day period it will turn itself off therefore, it remains that Breathometer Pty. Ltd. will ensure that its instruments remain within this calibration period and at all times accurate.

The Breathometer BM-5 will give accurate readings to any test provided its instructions of use are adhered to.