Model BM5

Model BM2


Certified to Australian Standards AS 3547-1997

Quality Assurance Licence No. 1688

Instrument Features:

  • Employs fuel cell technology supported by management system and micro-processor control
  • Alcohol specific; not responsive to other chemicals
  • Accurately determines breath alcohol levels
  • Three digit display, readings to 3rd decimal point
  • Measurement range .000 - .999
  • Advisory panels, red - stop, orange - caution, green - ok
  • User friendly, instructions supported by electronic display
  • Specifically designed for unsupervised use
  • Self-diagnostic programme maintains optimum levels of performance
  • Self-diagnosis determines faults and coding error should difficulties occur
  • Internal memory records all instrument functions
  • Mandatory 30 day calibration ensures defined accuracy of performance
  • Instrument will shut itself down if not calibrated within 30 day period
  • Sampling system designed to overcome liquid alcohol abuse
  • Readings, subsequent readings, not affected by liquid alcohol abuse